Biomass group master student, Changhui Zhu and doctor student, Fan Zhang passed their defenses of degree dissertation in 2016

On May 23th, 2016, five experts from Kunming University of Science and Technology and Southwest Forestry University listend to the reports and defenses of Mr. Changhui Zhu, a master student and Mr. Fan Zhang , a doctor student in biomass group that were expected to be graduated in 2016. After the discussion and secret ballot, five dissertation committee members all agreed the theses and defense of Changhui Zhu and Fan Zhang, and suggested that the academic degree evaluation committee of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS, award Mr. Zhu the master’s degree and Mr. Zhang the doctor’s degree in science, according to relevant regulations. On the occasion of graduation, congratulations to Changhui Zhu and Fan Zhang!


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