Recently, Springer has launched a book series entitled, “Biofuels and Biorefineries” with Professor Zhen Fang ( serving as Editor-in-Chief.

Professor Zhen FANG cooperates with the Editorial Board, comprising five world-leaders in biofuels and biorefineries:

Prof. Liang-shih Fan, Ohio State Univ., USA;

Prof. John R. Grace,Univ. of British Columbia,Canada;

Prof. Yonghao Ni,Univ. of New Brunswick,Canada;

Prof. Norman R. Scott,Cornell Univ.,USA;

Prof. Richard L. Smith, Jr.,Tohoku Univ.,Japan,

for this book series.

The editorial team is comitted to organize and assist authors to publish a number of biomass-related books with the highest quality that will accelerate the growth in this important area, aimed at the publication of at least two volumes per year.

The first book of this book series that is currently working on is“Production of biofuels and chemicals with Ionic liquids” with Editors: Profs. Zhen Fang, Richard L. Smith, Jr., Xinhua Qi. The book is anticipated to be published in 2013.

The book series will be focusing on all aspect related with biomass production, biofuels, bioproducts, chemicals, biomaterials, food and pharmaceutical products, energy planning and policy, as well as processing technologies.

The book series will be the powerful and integrative source of biomass, bioenergy, biofuels, bioproducts and biorefinery for scientists, students, policy-makes and engineers to reflect the explosive growth in this interdisciplinary area.

The book series will be operating with a strict refereeing procedure to ensure that the best quality of books and chapters is published. Authors and editors of all volumes and chapters will be invited by the Editor-in-Chief or volume Editors.

Prof. Zhen FANG is leader and founder of biomass group (, ChineseAcademy ofSciences,XishuangbannaTropicalBotanical Garden. He is also an adjunct full Professor of Life Sciences,University ofScience and Technology of China. He is the inventor of “fast hydrolysis” process.  He is specializing in thermal/biochemical conversion of biomass, nanocatalyst synthesis and its applications, pretreatment of biomass for biorefineries. He obtained his PhDs fromChinaAgriculturalUniversity (Biological & Agricultural Engineering, 1991, Beijing) andMcGillUniversity (Materials Engineering, 2003,Montreal).

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