2012.7.18-19, Dr. Chin-Hua Chia and Dr. Hong Cui, who come from Univesiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universityof Hawaiiat Manoa, visited Xishuangbanna tropic botanical garden and lectured for biomass group members. In the afternoon of July 18 , Dr. Chin-Hua Chia first introduced biomass resources in Malaysia, then he reported their research projects, targets and achievements in his research team. Their research achievements including: Production of glucose from EFB cellulose via acid hydrolysis (HCl and H2SO4); Production and characterization of cellulose and nano-crystalline cellulose (NCC) from kenaf core wood; Production of antibacterial cellulose and chitosan beads loaded with silver (Ag) nanoparticles and graphene oxide (GO); et al.

  In the morning of July 19, Dr. Hong Cui used dominant biomass resources (Leuceana, Bagasse and Banagrass) in Hawaii as cases to report the theme of Biomass Thermochemcial Conversion. The contents involved Biomass pretreatment, Gasification process and Gas cleanup (Syngas composition analysis; Gaseous sulfur species analysis; Tar sampling and analysis; NH3/Cl sampling and analysis; HCN sampling and analysis; Trace elements sampling and analysis).


  The research interests of biomass group include: Synthesis and application of nano-catalysts and magnetic catalysts; hydrolysis of cellulose and lingo-cellulose in low temperature for production of glucose; microbial fermentation of waste biomass (proper exciple of Jatropha curcas, Bagasse, etc.) for different chemical product; modified of ionic liquid and its application; pretreatment of lingo-cellulose; thermochemcial conversion of glycerin and lignin. Biomass group has made some progress and achievements in these directions in recent years. And thus, Drs. Chin-Hua Chia and Hong Cui affirmed the achievements of biomass group, and praised biomass group made a positive contribution to biomass development and utilization. Then they pointed out their research teams have great potential for cooperation with our group in similar research projects.


From the reports and exchanges, it not only promoted mutual understanding and cooperation between biomass group with the peers, but also strengthened team members’ understanding of biomass types and amounts of biomass resources. It is useful for improving our group.


Dr. Chin-Hua Chia

School of applied Physics

Faculty of Science and Technology


436000 UKM Bangi, SelangorD.E.,MALAYSIA

Dr. Chin-Hua Chia interested in hydrolysis of cellulose, preparation of nano-cellulose, development and application of cellulose resources.



Dr. Hong Cui

Hawaii Natural Energy Institute,UniversityofHawaiiat Manoa

1680 East-West Rd., POST 109,Honolulu,HI96822

Dr. Hong Cui engaged in biomass thermochemical conversion: pretreatment & gasification.










Dr. Chin-Hua Chia lectures for biomass group members











Dr. Hong Cui lectures for biomass group members

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