Research Interests

  1. 热带植物油料资源(如小桐子油、美藤果油与橡胶籽油等)的绿色转化与精炼,抗氧化性能调控,以及高值生物化学品的合成与应用;
  2. 纳米催化剂的合成及应用,包括催化小桐子油制备生物柴油,催化副产甘油水热合成乳酸,催化木质纤维素的水解生产可发酵糖等;
  3. 热带特色植物资源高值次生代谢产物的绿色分离、纯化及应用;
  4. 微生物发酵法转化副产物甘油生产乳酸、丙二醇等化学品,微生物发酵法转化质纤维素水解产物生产醇、酮、有机酸及其它次级代谢产物。


  • The study of tropical plant oil resources(jatropha oil, sacha inchi oil, rubber seed oil, etc.), including green conversion and refinement, anti-oxidation regulation, synthesis and application of high value biochemicals.
  • Synthesis and application of nano-catalysts, including catalyze jatropha oil for biodiesel, hydrothermal synthesis of lactic acid from glycerol and catalyze hydrolysis of lignocellulose to fermentable sugar production.
  • Green separation, purification and application of high value secondary metabolites in tropical unique plant resources.
  • Microbial fermentation of glycerol into lactic acid, propylene glycol and other chemicals, microbial fermentation of cellulose hydrolysis products into alcohols, ketones, organic acids and other secondary metabolites.
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